Common People Oxford 2018

Death Of The Maiden


Tamara Parsons-Baker has spent the past few years establishing herself as Oxford’s best double barrelled surname performer, and, in a not so subtle nod to the fact that she’s been literally slaughtering the competition, has a new band named Death of the Maiden. Those who she deemed to bestow mercy upon, or were possibly her accomplices, can be found performing in her band with Emma Coombs (drums), Jenny (of Lucy Leave fame) and Hannah Bruce (guitar, and also a sterling solo performer in her own right).

Aside from being brazen, and let’s face it, a little bit showy about having committed multiple homicides, Death of the Maiden produce gothy baroque-pop burlesque rock. If that description makes you want to vomit 1) yeah, it should 2) swallow it and get prepared to tell people in future “actually I heard a gothy baroque-pop burlesque rock band once, and they were really good. No I can’t remember what they were called, something about Maidenhead I think”.

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