Common People Oxford 2018

Disco Shed

Kitsch, cool, and full of character, the Disco Shed was conceived in a moment of garden party madness by club promoters and long time festival goers Peepshow Paddy and Aidan ‘Count’ Skylarkin. Taking inspiration from Aidan’s actual shed, in which they’d enjoyed one too many parties for their neighbours liking, they set about converting an ordinary 8 × 6 ft Billy O garden shed into the must–have accessory for any self–respecting festival – the Disco Shed!

By day, chill out and enjoy the good–time garden party vibe, with classic garden games. Then dance the night away to top quality DJ sets, with a full light show and live visuals on the shed’s giant rooftop screen.

  • Disco_shed

Random Acts

  • Ride Ride
  • Chloe_and_gianni_square Chloe and Gianni
  • Candy_says Candy Says
  • Npg The New Power Generation (Prince's Legendary Band)