Common People Oxford 2017

House Gospel Choir


Meet the choir that house built.

Anyone who has been caught up in the rapture of a true house classic can testify to its power to unify and uplift. House Gospel Choir is the place where spirituality and the euphoria of the dancefloor come together.

Founded by producer and vocalist Natalie Maddix, House Gospel Choir is a voice for those that can sing, but don’t always know the words! It’s a home for anyone who has ever found themselves lost in music at a festival, in a night club, or on the tube on the way to work.

Random Acts

  • Disco_shed Disco Shed
  • Dj_binge_ Dj Binge
  • Death_of_hi_fi_square_ Death of Hi-Fi
  • Jiggery_pokery_parlour Jiggery Pokery Parlour