Common People Oxford 2017

Kornél Kovács


Born 1985 in Stockholm to Hungarian parents, Kornél Kovács’ perambulations in music began early and have continued at pace ever since. Raised on that classic, enviable diet of “proper” music training plus parents with killer music taste, Kovács’ daytime lessons were given texture at night as everything from Kraftwerk and Art Of Noise to King Tubby and Boogie Down Productions wafted through the house.
Kovács’ debut album, The Bells, is out on Studio Barnhus in August and was recorded during an intensive two-week session in Gothenburg with his great friend (and great studio engineer) Matt Karmil. Giving your debut LP the same name as the most influential techno track in history certainly takes balls. But after hearing how the album draws together Kovács’ natural festive musicality and his long-standing love of club rhythmics, and then factoring in the juggernaut trajectory that’s taken him from tea-making record store jester to globally acclaimed producer and DJ, you can certainly forgive his confidence.

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