Common People Oxford 2018

Premium Leisure


Premium Leisure’s Chris Barker – singer songwriter, musician, producer and engineer – has a very clear idea of what he wants his sound to be. A gifted guitarist and songwriter, he honed Premium Leisure’s sound in his Oxfordshire home studio.

His attention to detail and obsession with vintage equipment and analogue recording techniques give the sound an authenticity that’s more fitting to 1968 than 2018. The mix of experimental guitars and undulating rhythms are reminiscent of late 60s English psychedelic rock with a bit of early Tame Impala or White Denim thrown in. But really the vibe is wonderfully, refreshingly distinct. It’s pure Premium Leisure.

Premium Leisure’s songs are twenty-four carat, they direct you to that exciting, indefinable place where great art thrills. With just one listen you are taking notice, your body moves and your soul swells. Oxfordshire has spawned another band of immense integrity and talent.

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