Common People Oxford 2017

The Cuban Brothers


Love is most definitely alive. Yes indeed the hosts with, ‘their declared’ the mosts safely strapped in, are back to take control of Common People to make sure the fiesta proceedings move along as smooth & hilariously horny as only they know how.  

Born of the loins of seventies Havana, nurtured on a diet of soulful, sexy tunes and inspired by Cuban historical fact and mythology – their fresh approach to live entertainment whips up a frenzy at every opportunity.  

Their legendary performance combines music, which evolves with every show, riotous comedy, both physical and observational, and sensational dancing – consequently the energy at every show is incredible.  

If you’ve been to Common People before then the chances are you caught one of their shows or bumped into them around the site and it’s time once more to welcome Los Hermanos Cubanos. Allow it!

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