Common People Oxford 2017

The Jam Jar Bar

The Jam Jar Bar is a boutique liquor lounge with a decedent menu of cocktails housed in a beautiful cocktail garden with vintage parasols and rustic canopies in a small clearing among the trees. Retaining the essence of its bohemian days in bygone summers of love, the Jam Jar Bar has had neoteric design breathed gently into it. The story threading through the cocktail menu trips around botanicals, foraged herbs and heritage spirits. Josie da Bank is inspired by her garden and the hedgerows on the island; the flavours already steeping include Rosehip, Gooseberry, Rosemary and Elderflower. Think Lemon & Thyme Vodka Long, Cucumber Margarita or a cool Rhubarb Martini lapping at the sides of a chilled jam jar, just ripe for sipping; your feet up and the sun on your skin.

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Random Acts

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